Vineyard + People


Bill Ballentine

The fourth generation in his family to make wine in Napa Valley, Bill Ballentine has winemaking in his blood. Even more important is his love and dedication to the land and dirt. You can see Bill’s face light up when he speaks about sitting on a tractor at an early age and recognizing the smell of fresh tilled vineyards. To this day, when looking for Bill, he is usually out on the tractor at Red Lake. Outside of wine, Bill is a decent bow hunter and has most recently had great fun uniting with new found relatives in Ireland.

Cole Ballentine

Cole Ballentine, fifth generation Italian/Irish Napa Valley native, embodies being outdoors with the elements.  Like his father, he is at home in the vineyards, in sync with the climate and the dirt.  Passionate about sports and competition, he is also an avid camper and is usually found in his jeep up at Red Lake with his constant companion, Cash, the dog.



Red Lake Vineyard

Located at the northern end of Howell Mountain with west, southeast facing exposure, sits our Nirvana…7.4 planted acres (41 total acres) of stunning mountainside Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petite Verdot.

Vines here are stressed due to the shallow yet well drained, rocky soils very similar to Southern Rhone. Warmer than other parts of Howell Mountain, additional hang time is available to this precious fruit. This combination of unique terroir and exposure allows for full ripening fruit ultimately providing the magical ingredients for wines with softer tannins, lush fruit and structured finish.